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Softcover, 210 x 280 mm
60 pages, 468 images
Edition of 500
published by Triangle Books in 2020
ISBN 978-2-930777-34-4
Triangle Booksは、2013年にオリヴィエ・ヴァンデルヴリエ(Olivier Vandervliet)によって設立されたブリュッセルのインディペンデント出版社です。アーティストや施設、ギャラリーとの密なコラボレーションによる書籍や限定版の制作・流通を行っています。
レターパック 全国一律370円
様々なアーティストとの共同作業を通じて、数量限定の 現代美術 / 写真のZINEをリリースしている。

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Kuri talks about his working methods & materials, and gives his thoughts on his role in the conservation of his work.

Born in Mexico, Gabriel Kuri has lived and worked in Europe and Los Angeles. In his work, Kuri often repurposes found or off-the-shelf materials to create sculptures, installations, collages and photographs that contain sharp socio-economic and cultural observations—ideas of transaction, systems of exchanges and circulation are very important to his work.

Contrast is crucial in his use of materials, he likes to juxtapose the fleeting and permanent, solid and the fragile, hard and soft, the noble and the mundane, and often gives rises to subtle humor and poetry. Although conceptually rich, his works have a very physical presence; “I’m a maker,” comments Kuri.

Learn more about the Art in L.A. project: http://bit.ly/1hTYVWj

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¥5,000 tax included